VID Specialized University 

VID Specialized University is an accredited, private higher education institution. With approximately 525 employees and 5290 students VID is the third largest private higher education institution in Norway. The University has five campuses, three located in Norway’s largest cities: Oslo, Bergen and Stavanger, together with Sandnes and Tromsø.  

VID Specialized University undertakes education and research in the fields of health and social sciences, educational science, management, diaconia and theology. The University offers approximately 50 study programmes at bachelor’s, master’s and PhD levels, and our objective is to develop as a national institution through regional cooperation. VID is home to a broad-based academic community in the areas of health, care, church, and society. We deliberately pursue competence-based commissions and collaborate on education and research assignments with institutions at the local, regional, and national level. Our broad education and research portfolio enable us to provide assistance to service and organizational development in a wide range of areas. We possess long-standing experience in participating in identification of needs, planning, development, pilot testing and evaluation in collaboration with external commissioning institutions in the public and voluntary sector.  

How to access the e-learning in Norwegian: E-læringskurs om vold og overgrep i nære relasjoner (REVAMP)

Why this topic is important (Mona-Iren Hauge, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, VID):

Linda Rykkje 

Image of Linda Rykkje

Professor, RN, Cand.san (Nursing Science), PhD (Caring Science) 

Linda is an Associate professor and responsible for the continuous education in gerontological nursing at VID Specialized University, campus Bergen, Norway. She is a nurse and specializes in older people care. Her PhD at Åbo Akademi University in Finland was about spirituality and dignity in old age. She teaches and researches in the fields of older people, dignity, spiritual care, welfare technology, nursing development, and narrative gerontology. She is a co-lead of the excellence research project Spiritual Care Education and Practice Development (SEP), working with an international research group. She is interested in older people care research and essential concepts of nursing. Preventing violence against older people is an important part of safeguarding the patients’ dignity and wellbeing.

Eirin Gudevold 

Image of Eirin Gudevold

Master’s degree in Communication, design and learning, Master’s degree in General pedagogy (Educational science) 

Eirin is an e-learning advisor at VID Specialized University, campus Oslo, Norway. Her main interest is the use of technology and digital tools to support learning. She is specialized in the development and implementation of digital tools for learning both online and in classroom settings. She has experience with designing e-learning courses, the “flipped classroom” method and making contents more accessible through the combination of video, interaction, and digital tools.  Her latest master’s thesis was about how tweeting can enhance classroom dialogue and was part of the project “DiDiAC – Digitalised Dialogues Across the Curriculum”, a collaboration between University of Oslo and Cambridge University. In addition, she has a lot of knowledge about motivation theory, especially “self-efficacy”, and “growth mindset”.