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The CRIR-AVS PACA is state-funded service. Key missions are to develop and improve the prevention, understanding, and treatment for sexual violence on the basis of ethical and informed practice:  

TRAINING: develop initial and continuing training to all professionals involved in the treatment of perpetrators of sexual violence.  

RESEARCH: Support, promote, initiate the development of new research and ideas on the improvement of the assessment, treatment, and monitoring of perpetrators of sexual violence. 

PREVENTION Participate in the development of the principles and primary prevention activities, secondary, and tertiary. 

NETWORK: support multi-partners (Health-Justice) Network identify resources and regional expertise, with the objective of close cooperation between actors in the health, justice, and social fields. Provide a space for reflection and development around the challenges faced by professionals and volunteers working perpetrators of sexual violence. 

DOCUMENTATION Provision of reference documents, advanced research, and the development of knowledge through a national documentary database accessible online

Professor Christophe Lancon   

Psychiatrist, Head of the Psychiatry, medical psychology and addiction Dept.  

Dr. Catherine Paulet  

Psychiatrist, Head of the Forensic medicine and psychiatry, medicine and addiction in Detention Dept. 

Dr Paulet has also been involved in UN programmes and is a member of the Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR). 

Marie Chollier (PhD)

Image of Marie Chollier

Clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, sexologist 

Marie has been working at the CRIR-AVS since 2009. She has worked in the field of prevention and treatment of victims and perpetrators of sexual violence for over ten years. She is also working in mental health and sexual health services. She is an executive board member of the UNESCO Chair for Sexual Health and Human Rights.  

Clergue Fabienne

(Administrative Support)

Fabienne Clergue has been leading and coordinating the administrative and organisational aspects of the centre. She has developed strong interpersonal quality interacting with all service users and professionals and has been involved in a national helpline project.  

Other CRIR-AVS team members will contribute to the REVAMP project:

  • Aurelie Maquigneau
  • Pascal Micaelli