Transnational Meeting: November 2021


Háskóli Íslands / University of Iceland (Iceland) 

Attendees at the Transnational Meeting held in Iceland in November 2021
Attendees at the Transnational Meeting held in Iceland in November 2021

The REVAMP team met for a two-day transnational meeting on Wednesday 10th and Thursday 11th November 2021.

This was the first opportunity since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic for the team to meet in person. Each partner organization was represented at the meeting with a total of 14 team members attending and a further 4 members joining virtually.

Aims of the meeting:

  • – Review the overall progress of the project. Present progress of intellectual outputs.
  • – Identify strategies and action points to ensure timely completion of the project.
  • – Review quality committee documents and process
  • – Promote team engagement, cohesiveness and cultural awareness through acculturation activities.

The overall progress of the project has been delayed largely due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on team members’ workloads as they are all healthcare practitioners. We have implemented several strategies to ameliorate this delay. These include, but are not limited to, a renewed Gantt chart, clear short term objectives, newly appointed e-learning and website developers, re-organization of transnational meetings to provide regular in person meetings and access to support services (such as audio-visual expertise). The benefits of meeting physically compared to a virtual meeting have been identified:

Comments on face to face vs. virtual meetings


Wednesday 10th November 2021

09.30-09.40Welcome to Iceland and housekeeping: Professor Freydís Jóna Freysteinsdóttir
09.40-09.50Welcome to the Transnational Meeting: Professor June Keeling 
09.50-10.00The REVAMP: Overview of the project and review of progress
10.00-10.15Presentation and update by each Intellectual Output lead Design and organise REVAMP virtual platform  
10.15-10.30Module 1: IPVA and the Child
10.30-10.45REVAMP Project Handbook
10.45-11.00Comfort break 
11.00-11.15Module 2: IPVA and the Adult
11.15-11.30Evaluation and Assessment
11.30-11.45Accessing Support: a TransEuropean document
11.45-12.15Develop strategy for REVAMP launch
13.15-13.45Plan REVAMP Promotion Strategy (project website, flyers and brochures, conferences, papers, logo, social media strategy)    
13.45-14.30Quality Committee  
14.30 -14.45Comfort break 
14.45-15.00Orientation, a virtual guidance to REVAMP
15.00-15.15Evaluation of Day 1
15.15 Close
16.00Walking Tour from Grand Hotel, Reykjavík
18:30Dinner at Þrír frakkar 

Thursday 11th November 2011

09.30-09.40Official Photo
09.40-10.00Building an e-learning module for REVAMP: Part 1 Competencies and module framework  
10.00-10.45Building an e-learning module for REVAMP: Part 2 Building blocks and module mapping  
10.45-11.00Comfort break 
11.00-11.45Building an e-learning module for REVAMP: Part 3 Developing the LearnDash platform on the REVAMP website  
11.45-12.30Live Demo of LearnDash
13.30-14.30Older Person module: team testing and feedback
Virtual white board for team to contribute strengths and areas to develop
14.30-14.50Comfort break 
14.50-15.20Discuss, confirm objectives and progress goals to be met for next virtual meeting
15.20-15.30Review of meeting

Acculturation Activities:

The REVAMP team chose to share some activities together after the meetings. We enjoyed an evening meal together in a traditional Icelandic restaurant, a walking tour of Reykjavik and an evening in the Sky Lagoon.

Certificate of Attendance:

Certificate of Attendance - Iceland Transnational Meeting