Transnational Meeting: March/April 2022


VID Univesity, Bergen, Norway

Norway Meeting Attendees
Attendees at the Transnational Meeting held in Norway March 2022

REVAMP team members enjoyed meeting again for a Transnational meeting. Following the evaluation of the previous meeting held in Iceland, the agenda was modified with more emphasis placed on group discussions and project activities.

Aims of the meeting:

  • Discuss overall project progress, and agree timelines (and amended Gantt chart) to ensure timely completion project
  • Finalise the older person eLearning module and agree pilot strategy
  • Discuss next stage of Child module, legal stance, interactive activities
  • Develop module and project evaluation
  • Discuss dissemination strategy and develop template for any dissemination activity
  • Review quality committee documents and process
  • Promote team engagement, cohesiveness and cultural awareness through acculturation activities.


Thursday 31st March 2022

09.00Registration Venue: Campus Haraldsplass
09.10Campus visit
09.30Cable car Ulriken to conference room
10.00Welcome to Norway Housekeeping
10.10 – 10.20Welcome to REVAMP Transnational Meeting Update Action Log
10.20 – 10.55REVAMP Website & Translation process
10.55 – 11.10Break
11.10 – 12.00  REVAMP Handbook – Intellectual Output 8 and group discussion
12.00 – 13.00Lunch
13.00 – 13.15  Child Module Map
13.15 – 14.00Activities and assessments for child module. Group Discussion  
14.00 – 14.10Break 
14.10 – 14.50Child module: legal frameworks and discussion
14.50 – 15.00  Evaluation of Day 1

Friday 1st April 2022

09.00Registration Venue: Campus Haraldsplass
09.15 – 10.30      Older Person Module Discuss and plan piloting Develop evaluation of the learning experience for pilot testing – small groups  
10.30 – 10.45Break
10.45 – 11.10  Project dissemination strategy  
11.10 – 11.35  Next Steps  
11.35 – 11.50  Developing REVAMP project evaluation (IO5)    
11.50 – 12.00Transnational Meeting Evaluation

Acculturation Activities:

The REVAMP team chose to share some activities together after the meetings. We enjoyed a walking tour of Bergen followed by an evening meal together in a traditional Norwegian restaurant.

Evaluation of the meeting:

We evaluated the two day meeting using Talkwall. Some of the partner comments included:

Certificate of Attendance: