Transnational Meeting: May 2022


Vilnius University, Lithuania

Lithuania Meeting Attendees
Attendees at the Transnational Meeting held in Lithuania in May 2022

The REVAMP team members enjoyed meeting again for a Transnational meeting. The meeting focused on Intellectual Output (IO) 2 Child module, Intellectual Output (IO) 4 Older person module, and evaluation.

Aims of the meeting:

  • Discuss and agree the required actions resulting from previous transnational meeting
  • Share and discuss pilot test results from IO 4 older person module
  • Provide overview of REVAMP website, translation of documents, approach to decolonisation of module content
  • Team testing of IO 2 Child Module
  • Evaluating REVAMP: Leaner’s evaluation, Partner’s evaluation and final report for National Agency.
  • Participate in acculturation activities


Monday 30th May 2022

08.45 09.00Registration
Venue: Hall of Senate, Vilnius University
09.00-10.00Guided tour of Vilnius University
10.00-10.10Welcome to Lithuania
10.10-10.20Welcome to REVAMP transnational meeting
10.20-10.30Update Action Log
10.30-11.00Discuss and required actions resulting from previous transnational meeting:
– Pilot feedback from Older person module
– LGBTQ+ inclusion
– Project extension request
11.00-11.20Revamp website update
Translation of documents update
11.20-11.45  Break
11.45-12.15  Child Module overview
12.15-13.00Child module team testing
(Use of Talkwall to capture feedback)  
14.00-14.50  Group work: Completing the child module
14.50-15.20Develop ‘Guidance on making the most of the REVAMP learning’
15.45-16.00Social media strategy

Friday 31st May 2022

08.45- 09.00Registration
Meeting place – Vilnius University Faculty of Medicine, M. K. Čiurlionio g. 21, Vilnius LT-03101  
09:00-09.30Tour of Faculty
09.30-10.00  Evaluating REVAMP
Three strands:
– Learner’s evaluation
– Partner evaluation
– Evaluation of the REVAMP project-final report for the National Agency  
10.00-11.00  Develop learner’s evaluation (not assessment of learning)
‘Has the training made a difference in terms of your knowledge, understanding and approach to practice (fits with competencies)?’  
Consider quantitative and qualitative approaches to capture impact  
11.00-11.30  Break    
11.30-12.30Develop REVAMP partner’s evaluation to capture impact
What questions do we need to ask ourselves to demonstrate the value of the project?’  
12.30-13.15Lunch – Great Hall
13.15-14.15Evaluation of the REVAMP project-final report for the National Agency approaches to demonstrate impact
14.30-14.45Meeting evaluation
16.30-18.00Guided Tour of the National Museum (
– Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania, Katedros sq. 4, LT-01143 Vilnius  

Acculturation Activities:

The REVAMP team chose to share some activities together after the meetings. We enjoyed a tour of the Guided Tour of the National Museum – Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania, and evening meals in traditional Lithuanian restaurants.

Evaluation of the meeting:

We evaluated the two day meeting using Talkwall. Some of the partner comments included:

Evaluation comments

Certificate of Attendance:

Certificate of Attendance - Lithuania Transnational Meeting